Simple Banking for High Risk Merchants

Banking for
High Risk Merchants

Get instant access to multiple EU banks
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Worldline Bank account
Payone Bank Account
Concardis Bank Account
Safecharge Bank account
Emerchantpay Bank Account
Commecegate Bank Account

Diversifying your banking exposure with multiple, European bank accounts!

Multiple MID’s work well for high-risk merchants, connect now with multiple bank accounts!

High Risk merchants work with multiple acquiring banks or PSP’s. Many of them use Worldline, Payone, Concardis, Safecharge, eMerchantpay and Commercegate (and others) to diversify the acquiring risk exposure. We believe that having multiple European bank accounts is just as crucial especial after the recent events of Sata Bank in Malta or Wirecard in Germany. works with a network of European banks accepting High Risk merchants, supporting SWIFT (100+ currencies), SEPA & Faster Payments.

With multiple bank accounts/ IBAN’s in your companies name, you can now receive settlements from European acquirers, PSP’s. Send with ease payments to your vendors, suppliers and partners internationally! Apply today and obtain your bank accounts/ IBAN accounts at multiple European banks, activated within 24 hours!


Free account opening, no upfront fees, setup or hidden fee’s


All bank accounts/ IBAN’s are dedicated and in YOUR companies name


Within 24 hours obtain your bank account(s), ready to receive and send funds


Send international SWIFT transfers with ease


Send EUR SEPA transfers to 33 countries

Free FX

Send SWIFT transfers in over 100 currencies FREE of charge

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